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For sale is a set of Front & Rear Harley factor radio speaker adapters... Asking $110 shipped...

This harness allows you to gain rear channel output from a bike that did not originally come with rear speakers. This is ideal if you want to add rear speakers with a new amp and be able to use the fader option from your factory Harley radio.

Designed to Perform
This harness includes load resistors that are necessary in order to balance the output of your factory radio. The harness makes it possible to connect an aftermarket amplifier directly to the speaker outputs of your factory radio using standard RCA cables.

Note: You must have your radio flashed to enable the rear channel output of your radio.

All Harley baggers except Ultra and CVO models have a rear channel plug that is located behind the radio inside the fairing. This plug will be in the bundle of harnesses behind the radio and will be capped off with a rubber plug.


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