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Have them check the oil pan bolts. Sounds simple but the Dealer did several repairs on my wife's bike to stop some leaks.

The initial visit consisted of Inner Primary seal, race inner bearing, stator, shift shaft seal, chain tensioner. The Bill was $1200. I picked up the bike and it was ridden about 200 miles. Still leaked and made noises on the Primary side that weren't there before.

Next visit they discovered the Clutch Hub, bearing, basket, inner primary and race were damaged. They fixed all under a "Warranty Claim". This is a term they used because in my opinion they had done some shitty work. We took the bike straight home and it STILL leaked.

I took it back again and told them they needed to keep it for a few days after the repairs were completed. Told them to make sure it wasn't leaking the next time I left with it. They called me about a week later. They claimed loose bolts on the oil pan. Now that might not be what it was but it isn't leaking anymore.

I only paid the original bill. On the other visits I made it clear the leaks were what brought me there in the 1st place.
1 - 1 of 110 Posts
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