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2020 Scorched Orange RG Limited
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I purchased these from a member here and had them installed for a couple of months. The HD site states that they aren’t compatible with a Road Glide but I’m here to tell you that they worked great. They didn’t work for me as they were a bit too wide at 36” from the tips; I think they would suit a rider with a long(er) arms better. For reference, I’m 5’9” and have normal length arms. I had them rotated back from the centerline of the forks about 5deg, but just couldn’t get right with them. I replaced them with a set of KST Spearhead adjustable bars, also purchased from a member here, to take advantage of the adjustable sweep. These bars have 10” rise and are 36” wide, tip to tip.

These are in excellent condition, gloss black and setup for internal wiring and TBW. The corners made install a breeze. I will include a couple of pieces of chinese finger trap material and a nut tied to fishing string to make install a breeze.

Asking $225 + shipping.




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