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Up for sale is an SE Quick Install Adjustable Pushrod Kit. Part #18404-08

They are like new. I ran them for about 1,000 miles before I did a motor swap. These are the real deal. I messed around with another brand of adjustable rods for a couple of years before I found these. These are MUCH easier to adjust. They come with a different set of pushrod tubes that make the adjusting nuts easier to get to. I do not have the o-rings that came with the kit.

Retail: $184.95; Price from an online dealer is ~$150. My price: $75 shipped in L48.

I also have a set of Woods Directional Lifters. Like new, again only about 1,000 miles on them.

Retail: $260. My price: $130 shipped in L48.

Package deal for both: $200 shipped.

Pics below:


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