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Fuel tank console

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Has anyone changed out that gawd awful chrome, sunlight reflecting, eye killing fuel tank console to something more subdued ? I've already had the fuel filler door powder coated wrinkle black and that helped some. Guess it's time to buy an extra center console and have it powder coated too.
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Ssinister choppers makes a killer one. Jim Nasi makes a cool one to. FBI and Badad also make some,. but not as sleek looking. Painting the stock one is an option,.. I did it, and the stock console is kind of growing on me now and I may just stick with it.
That is what I'm leaning towards. In fact, I may just have the folks that did the wrinkle black fuel filler door do the console the same way. I am truly beginning to hate all the chrome on the R G.
Its a sickness,.. its contagous and it spreads fast. I had never intended on blacking out half the stuff I have done on my bike. But once you start, you can't stop. I said screw it now,.. and the entire thing will be black eventually. Maybe I should just mix up some paint, and spray the entire bike like a car wash and be done with it :)
How does that 2 part aerosol paint system that someone posted a while back do? Ive looked for it here luck.
Im going away from chrome as well, but would prefer to paint, rather than powder coat.....IF the stuff holds up??
According to the literature I've read,.. that 2 part for the black chrome sets up really hard. I haven't tried it yet, but plan to. I know that the VHT wrinkle black plus,.. sets up like powder coat. That stuff is wicked strong, and plan on doing my floorboards and all that with the wrinkle plus in the next few weeks.
What type of prep work is required? Can you use on Plastic also?
For prep work, check out my how to paint chrome in the how-to section. As for on plastic,.. I see no reason why it wouldn't work, but I've never tried.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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