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FOR SALE 200.00 plus shipping

Updated maps last year

I have a real nice re-manufactured Garmin 2730 that I hardly used and I do not need any more.

It has the XM GMX 30 antenna with all of the other goodies that it came with. I will include the cradle to mount it on the bike. you will need to get the RAM Mount portion. The GMX 30 sells for over 100 dollars.

These things are totally waterproof, XM capable if you buy the subscription plus it holds a bunch of songs on the built in memory.


From Garmin Product Description Knowledge is power, and thanks to the advanced technology packed into the Garmin StreetPilot 2730, you'll get plenty of both. The big news about this model in comparison to its predecessor, the 2720, is the addition of XM radio capabilities. With a subscription to XM radio services, you'll get real-time XM NavTraffic, XM WX Weather, and XM Radio service. What does all that mean? When coupled with Garmin's legendary GPS technology, it means you'll always know not only exactly where you are, and but also what lies ahead.

The StreetPilot 2730 is ready to go right out of the box.

Navigation begins with a simple screen. View larger

Thanks to XM-powered traffic data that is integrated into the unit's 3-D map display, you can see what hazards or traffic disruptions are in your area. View larger

Load up your favorite MP3s and play them. View larger

Or, listen to programming on XM radio. View larger

And don't forget to check the weather, which is also powered by XM. View larger
The Power of XM Radio
XM NavTraffic is the first nationwide satellite-based data traffic information service to enable an onscreen overlay of current traffic conditions. The StreetPilot 2730 uses this data to automatically calculate and suggest faster alternative routes long before traffic starts backing up. Accidents, road construction, or other incidents affecting traffic are graphically represented as icons on the navigation map. Precise information relating to a traffic incident is also available, including the precise location of the incident, the lanes affected, and the predicted duration. What's more, roadways are color-coded to indicate directional traffic flow speed.

The 2730 also keeps you up to date on weather conditions, thanks to XM weather data. Current weather conditions for over 2,000 locations, and weather forecasts for 162 cities, are displayed on the screen. United States county storm and flood warnings are also highlighted, giving you the best and latest information available for your travel plans.

The 2730 is also a powerful entertainment device, as it offers more than 150 channels of XM satellite radio channels, featuring 100-percent commercial-free music, as well as more than 30 channels of news, sports, and talk. You can send XM and navigation audio to your car stereo through the StreetPilot's integrated FM wireless transmitter or via an integrated 3.5 mm stereo headphone/line-out plug. And if that's not enough, the 2730 also comes equipped with an MP3 player that lets you take your personal music collection on the road. Loading music from your computer is drag-and-drop easy, and there's no need for special software. The StreetPilot 2730 also works as an audiobook player; you can download books from and enjoy your favorite authors on the road.

An included GXM 30 antenna receives and processes all XM traffic, weather, and audio data. For maximum portability, the magnetic, waterproof, puck-size antenna can be placed on the dashboard or the roof of the vehicle.

Top-Tier GPS Performance
Don't forget that the 2730 is a high-end GPS navigation device with text-to-speech functionality that allows the unit to audibly announce the names of upcoming streets and points of interest. This lets you keep your eyes on the road while you navigate through busy traffic and tricky roadways. The 2730 also features a widescreen, automotive-grade touchscreen display that automatically dims and brightens based on ambient light conditions. And an included wireless remote control can be used to operate the device's functions.

Finding your way with the 2730 starts with inputting a location on the touchscreen. Next, the unit's text-to-speech feature speaks to you just like a back-seat driver, telling you the names of streets, when to turn, and in what direction. And if you happen to miss a turn, don't worry--the 2730 automatically calculates a new route to your destination. In addition to point-to-point navigation, the 2730 can calculate the most efficient route between multiple destinations--a real time-saver for realtors, salespeople, and errand runners. You can also tell the unit to avoid specific areas or road segments when calculating a route. With the 2730, you have the option of selecting a three-dimensional mapping perspective, or one of several 2-D overhead viewing options. What's more, audible and visual navigation instructions and warnings help you navigate more quickly while keeping your eyes on the road.

An integrated dash-mounting system provides easy adjustment and quick release, or you can use the included "bean bag" mount if you don't want to add a mount to your dash. An included speaker attachment that is built into the 12-volt cigarette lighter adapter enables the 2730 to deliver voice prompts. An internal antenna that communicates with up to 12 GPS satellites is provided, as is a USB port for PC connectivity. There's also an MCX-type connector for hooking up an optional external GPS antenna. And if you need waterproofing, the 2730 is up to the challenge; it meets IEC 60529 IPX7 standards, which means it's submersible in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Another time- and frustration-saving feature of the 2730 is the database of preloaded maps and points of interest. Gone are the days of uploading partial maps from your computer to your GPS device: the 2730 has them all built in. The unit comes preloaded with Garmin's highly detailed MapSource City Navigator NT North America maps of the entire United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Finding points of interest along your route is made easy with the 2730's huge built-in database of nearly six million hotels, restaurants, gas stations, ATMs, and attractions. Garmin has also made it easy for users to upload custom points of interest--now you can add school zones or safety cameras to your database. You can even turn on a proximity alert to notify you of upcoming custom points of interest.
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