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Sold sold sold

Selling my roadtech garmin 665. Purchased in 2012. Used until I sold my bike no issues whatsoever.

The is the Harley (Roadtech) version meaning if you have/get the interface module (not included), the voice commands will override...

Asking 300 shipped...

Everything is included...
-zumo 665
-motorcycle mount (does NOT include a fused lead... I had it wired directly to my fuse block... ***also the microphone input lead wire was damaged but it has been repaired. See pics***
-garmin/xm/traffic/weather antenna
-car suction cup mount and car power adapter
-AC power adapter
-instruction manual

I de-registered the unit so buyer can register the unit. I purchased the lifetime map option... so I am ASSUMING that the lifetime maps will carry over once the buyer registers the unit...

The motorcycle mount is in good shape (minus what was mentioned above)

What's in the pictures is what is included. Any questions please feel free to ask...

PayPal please, asking 300 shipped


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