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I removed the antennas from my Road Glide and don't have the wrap around lights. I wanted the space those pockets took up, but didn't want to look for or buy a new liner.

1. Cut and remove the flat surfaces as shown in red.
2. Make a single cut along the bottom radius of the pocket.
3. Cut down the center of the biggest protrusion, top to bottom(shown in blue).
4. Use a heat gun to bend all protrusions outward, and a flat screwdriver to remove the crease(when liner is hot).
5. I used cardboard to keep the shape while fiberglassing.
6. scuff up the surface with 60 grit sand paper(just a little bit).
7. Coat the surface with resin, and put two layers of fiberglass cloth.
8. Use just enough resin to saturate the cloth.
9. Sand the surface lightly to remove high spots and sharpies.
10. Use a razor blade to remove any high edges on the inside of the liner.
11. Cut grey felt to fit the cuts inside, and use rubber cement to glue down.
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