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Given Permission for next years road trip !!!!!!!

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as I posted , me and my riding buddy are headed to Pa soon as he gits back from AK ..

Taking off three weeks in august , first week we're camping on the river , second week is road trip , third week is "honey dos"

went this afternoon and looked at the river camp agin , jus talking while driving there , and told her I'd like to do AK again

"Oh you can go , just remember , I'm not and you're not , if you go alone"

Went 32 years ago onna 78 FLH 75th anni dresser ..

But I really wanna see my brest friend from high school in Phoenix and go to the Grand Canyon from there ...

Decisions Decisions
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OK Bill and I are in the very early stages of planning this trip for summer of '11

Early as in he is retired and just needs to know when I want to plan it , so he wont plan another trip during that time frame ..

I put in for my days around October this year , for next year ..

Looking at three weeks on the road ..

My biggie will be saving the money for the trip ..

Open invite to one or two who may be interested ..

Need a passport and a Harley ..

Figure on about $100 per day for food , gas and lodging ..

He came in Tuesday from Fairbanks ..

19 days 10,200 miles

and he is ready to return anytime ..
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I think Phoenix and or the Grand Canyon is more doable next year

PM sent to ya

who ya calling squid ??

That is :

was a squid in another life
sshhh dont tell anybody :eek:
speekin of old SC :eek:

old SC has a birthday next Tuesday , expecting presents :D
I remember when JPJ was a middie :rolleyes:


Noah was a seaman :D
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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