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Good place to buy exhaust?

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I have pretty much settled on what I want to do with the intake and exhaust on my 2015 RGS. I will be getting a HD SE Stage 1 Air Cleaner, Vance and Hines Monster Round mufflers, V & H Fuelpak FP3 auto tuner and a Rush High Output Performance header. My goal is less heat, better sound, better performance and not too much louder. I intend to do the install myself. I am looking for advice on a good company to do business with. Looking for good price and good customer service. Is there a sponsor on the forum that offers the members a discount or someone you have had success with? Most likely, I will have to have the products shipped. Looking for your recommendations. Thanks!
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Dude buy 2into1 from revzilla a power comander5 because that is what Dr.Dyno uses and let him do it! AUTO TUNERS DO NOT WORK! Or you could look at American Custom Exhaust Systems they are located in Ct.
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