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Got my lowers!

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UPS man delivered my HD lowers from Lakeshore. Ordered them on March 5th and got them in 3 weeks painted! Installed them and I must say that I'm digging the look. Took a ride down to bike night about 35 miles away. It is windy here lately. 80 mph on the highway into a 25 mph headwind and I could feel the wind pushing on the bike more than before. Even in the crazy wind the bike feels even more comfortable with the lowers. I think I have found THE setup for me.

By the way, about 250 bikes at bike night tonight, first one of the season and only 5 RG's. I like not blending in.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, all I had handy.


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........ Summer must be here, just opened my vents up this weekend.

............ and, no......... that is NOT summersnow.
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