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DED HD- my build/mods thread

I have been on other forums where a member has his own thread to show what he has done with the bike, and rather than searching though pages and pages of pictures, its a little more simple to just have your own thread. So Heres mine:
The day i picked up my Scarlet Red off the showroom floor.

Soon after i bought her I added Detachable King Tour Pack with Detach Lock, Black Forks lowered 1 inch, Reach Seat, Rider Back rest, Red plug wires,and Mid Frame Heat Deflectors, and I bought a Used Nightstick Slip on from RG forum Member. Took the antenna off and plugged the holes.

Mods and accessories as of 02.24.2013:
1.Front suspension lowered with Black upper and lower forks(reflectors removed)
2.King Tour pack with Detachable hardware( powder coated Black)
3.HD 4 point docking hardware bolt covers(powder coated Black)
4.Premium Tour pack hinges
5.Rider backrest
6.Reach Seat,
7.Cruise Control
8.HD Hand Pump for Air shocks
9.Osram X Racer Plus H4 60/55 headlight bulbs
10.Painted Scarlet Red Inner Fairing
11.Handmade Carpeted Glove box liners
12.HD Saddlebag Liners
13.Red plug Wires
14.Mid Frame Heat Deflectors
15.Ness Derby Sucker Air Cleaner with Steal Your Face Derby Cover
16.Power Commander V with map supplied by Fuel Moto
17.Rinehart Xtreme 2 into 1 exhaust (Black)- Modified- drilled heat shields, cermashine ceramic coated headpipes and ceramic coated satin black heat shields and muffler
18.Stock Touring passenger Footboards
19.EGlide Goodies Rider Footboard extensions
20.Black Vinyl Stripes over Factory Stripes
21.Custom made Steal Your Glide fender decals
22.Santees 14” Apehangers (with +4” clutch cable)
23.Joker Machine Bar End Mirror
24.Custom made Steal Your Face saddlebag latch inserts and tank dash insert
25.Black PowderCoated Tank Dash
26.HD Push Button Fuel Door Release
27.HD contrast cut points cover
28.Ness Round Horn cover with HD contrast cut Points cover
29.J&M Rokker 7.25” speakers, fairing and lowers
30.J&M 500 watt amplifier(mounted inside Fairing)
31.Adjustable shorty antenna and J&M hidden antenna
32.Cyclesmith Bag Extensions
33.Drilled out stock brake and clutch levers(powder coated Black)
34.Vivid Black Street Glide Saddlebag latches
35.HD curved license plate frame
36.HD Black Turn signal trim Bezels- Frnt 73343-09 Rear 73344-09
37.Amsoil Synthetic oil in all 3 holes
For long trips:
38.Windvest 10” smoke windscreen
39.Black Sheepskin Seat Cover
Other powder coated parts include:
40. Front and rear turn signals,
41. Crash Bar,
42. Foot Boards,
43. Shift Levers and shift peg bolts,
44. Strut Covers,
45. 4 point docking hardware,
46. Tour pack Rack,
47. Fairing Supports,
48. Kickstand and KS assembly
and now:
49. Landmark Mfg contrast shift linakage
50. black tour pack hinges and latches
51. Scarlet Red Vented Lowers
52. Harley Premium Hand adjustable shocks
53. 8" Klockwerks Windshield with cheap automotive door edge trim
54. Kuryakyn Ironbraid grips
55. Custom acrylic led lit dash insert
56. HD Accessory Harness Y plugs( under seat)
57. Painted tour pack trim pieces black(thanks chainsaw)
58. Red LEDs lights in the gauges, Speedo and Tach by Marty at
59. Black powdercoated primary cover
60. Black powdercoated timing cover
61. 09-earlier bubble headlight cover
62. 2011 Street Glide Seat by Mean City Cycles ( lowered, narrowed, memory foam, recovered in leather with ribbed pattern and red stitching)
63. HD Gauge Visors Speedo and Tach-74662-04
64. Front Wheel painted to match
65. Glendyyne black rotors
66. Tour Pack lid Catch
67. Performance Machine Contrast cut Shift lever and heel shift eliminator
68. Performance Machine Contrast cut rear brake lever
69. Short Detachable Sissy bar in Gloss black with MCC modded pad
70. National Cycle Hand Deflectors for cold weather riding
71. J&M Rokker XT Series Saddlebag subwoofers
72. Progressive Monotube Cartridges lowered
73. Performance Machine Contrast cut exhaust tip
74. Progressive Touring Link
75. Drago 107" kit with Tman 555 cam
76. Black powder coated clutch basket cover
77. Gas Capitol Customs Mean Mug Headlight Bezel
78. Precision Billet Fluted Contrast Cut Ignition Switch cover
79. AIM Heavy Duty clutch spring
80. Sissy Bar Pad re-covered by Mean City Cycles
81. Powder coated gauge rings gloss black
82. K&P Engineering Lifetime Oil Filter Contrast Cut
83. Custom Dynamics LED Turn Signals front and rear, signal Stabilizer
84. Kuryakyn Black ISO grips w/ throttle boss
85. Retro contrast cut upper fork sliders
85. Performance Machine contrast cut Servo Cover
86. custom extended rear fascia with tri bar(work in progress)


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Added a Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Derby Cover, and HD Wind deflectors.

While in Sturgis, at 3,500 miles, I had all 3 fluids changed to Amsoil Synthetic.

Next I added a Power Commander V from Fuel Moto and Arlen Ness Stage II Derby Sucker and added another GD Steal Your Face Cover. Used a Cooling Map supplied from Fuel Moto to richen up the A/F mix a bit. Bike is running great now!

Also I added stock passenger boards for my girlfriend( had some on my Street Glide and my she really missed having them). I was able to find some from here on this forum for free!!! Just had to go to the Dealer and get the Hardware. Cost me $12! Thank you!


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Last weekend I made some glove box liners out of some grey auto carpet i had laying around to keep things from banging around. Actually, my mother did all of the work on those as a birthday gift. What a sweetheart! She even hand sewed velcro on so they can be removed

thats it so far...more mods to come.(looking for a new horn cover, waiting on floorboard extensions from Harley-Goodies, hopefully some black 12"-14" apes, and new Rinehart Xtreme 2 into 1, and black out some more parts)
Oh and getting my inner Fairing replaced under warranty, and upgrading to Vivid Black Painted Inner
5,600 miles in 2 months and cant wait to ride it more.
Got caught in a hard rain coming home from work last night, but it quit as soon as I got home and took this picture with the Rainbow

Thanks for looking!


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Oh and I almost forgot, i have a Windvest 10" smoked windshield and bought a new HD rubber seal so I dont have to remove it from windshield on to the other. Much better for 2 up riding and long trips or cold weather. And you can see my sheepskin I cut to fit the seat, and sewed elastic straps on the front and back to hold it in place. Sheepskin is so nice on long trips and for hot and cold weather riding.


Gone But Not Forgotten
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Your ride is shaping up nicely... Looks great. I am liking those bars. You were able to switch those out with stock cables and wires--right? I may switch mine out this winter. I am curious as to how wide your bars are thow, from center grip to center grip. I have PYO's 10" apes on mine now, and they seem a little narrow.

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Thanks Rowdy.
Yes, All Stock wires and brake cable, just swapped the clutch cable out with a +4" cable to allow it to go in the stock location.
I dont have dimensions in my head, but they are the 1 1/4", 14" Santees apes.I think they are 33" center to center, but im not sure. i will check when i get a chance.

Gone But Not Forgotten
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Thanks GR8FLH, I would appreciate it. I REALLY like th ole school look of those bars combined with the painted inner faring. As big a PITA it is to change those bars, I want to be pretty damn sure I have something that will work. I am working on getting all the parts together to do some mods in one fell swoop. Faring off, mods done. Wala... Wish me luck with that. I know something will come up after the fact. It always does... lol.


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These are the same bars that Slowglide on the forum has as well.
from Custom Chome part #693673
Santees Black 14" apes
Width 33.75",Center 10", Pullback 11"

I believe they are the same as the Swedged bars on website though they give a different pullback.
These are not the Baggerwerx bars they list for a Road Glide.
(not these!)

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Looking good bro!:D
Thank you GKT33!
Coming together nicely; I've got to get started on mine (soon as it ain't 2*). :)
Thanks Joke. I hear ya. Mine is 90 miles away. being stored until it warms up. (March/April?) Im really jonesin' to get my hands on it and start tinkerin' away.

The next mods im planning are Powder Coating the crash bar, tank dash, and turn signals.
Wish I could start on it now! Damn Winter!

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Nice looking ride.
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