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HI all, new member, but wanted to let others know of this great speaker and amp combo.

2008 Road Glide

First I used Dyna Mat and lined the outer faring interior and the inner fairing attached to the bike.

The amp fits either on the left or the right side inside the front fairing, beside the glove box pocket and the interior fairing attached to the bike. lots of room for wiring here.

I used industrial strength velcro to mount the amp, it will not move.

I used 10 gauge power wiring and ground direct from battery.

I used a switched 12v fused wire to act as the "remote" turn on for the amp.

I used the speaker outputs from the factory HD Radio (trouble free handlebar controls maintained), into the amp (Hi-lelvel inputs) soldering all connections, then had the deck flashed at HD to release the rear speakers and fader.

I set the "gain" to just over 1/3 power, I set the cross over to just under half. ( I will be turning up the gain a touch next time fairing is off, it can handle a bit more without distortion at 100% full volume from deck)

NOTE: I have been using the AVC setting on the deck lately. this allows it to be at half volume, be loud enough to hear at any speed and then when stopped in traffic not be blaring. On long Highway runs I turn off the AVC and set volume to 80% or higher. (can play louder with no distortion this way)

PowerBass XL-4165M 4ch PowerSport Amplifier | PowerBass USA

I used Scoche 5.25" X 6.5 " Harley speaker adapters and installed the new Focal PC 165 speakers. not rocket science here plug and play.

Harley Speaker Adapters | 6.5 Speaker Adapters | SAHD656 | by Scosche

Focal PC 165, car audio coaxial hifi speakers to customize your car sound system.

I used 12 gauge speaker wire and soldered all the connections

I used to install car audio for a living, have installed 1000's of amps and speakers and I have to say.....

This combo flat out Rocks, the Focal speakers are simply amazing for clarity, sound stage, range and are loud ! hands down the best sounding 6.5" speaker in the sub $500 a pair range I have ever heard.

If... you wanted to go one level better for speakers
EC 165 K - Focal

The amp, I would say is pretty damn good, seems to let good fidelity happen, nice acting crossover, gains are set mid to lower end and can easily over power the speakers (80 w RMS) . the nice part of this amp is the water resistant aspect, small size, awesome price and decent 4 channel power.

I have Hog tune 6 X 9 lids being painted as we speak, Polk Audio marine grade speakers will go in there off the Powerbass amp. I will report back once they are up and running.

when you find a good combo you have to share.
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