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I thought maybe we could start a bulk thread for anyone who has a story after receiving a positive experience with a vendor or company.

First one was with Bruce from Supertrapp industries, after only two years on my black ceramic Supermeg 2-1 exhaust my heatshields were starting to rust on a garage kept bike. Really owing me nothing Bruce sold me the 1st two heatshields at extremely discounted price. Shortly after that the 3 heatshield which was fine, seemed to literally rust overnight, called Bruce again and sent a new one out next day free of charge. Excellent to deal with and stand behind their product.

Second experience was with George, from Georges Garage maker of tools for Harley Davidsons. After receiving an incorrectly machined pushrod clip tool called George, he looked up my account and litterally 2 days later had a new tool no questions asked. Another stand up company.

In my opinion it's what happens when things go wrong that really separates the good from the great companies.:)
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