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Just saw this on the Biketronics site. They have the BT2180 amp for $100 off. Price is $449.95. This is supposed to be a beast of an amp. Very tempted to pick on up for this price.

BT2180 - 180 Watts RMS X 2

Product Description

Our newest amp design! Featuring a smart DSP (digital) controlled power supply for massive output with any speaker load and at any volume! This system makes constant on-the-fly adjustments to ensure peak performance at all times, instantly reacting to ensure full power output no matter what.

Hi-Tech High-Efficiency Switching Amplifier
Very low distortion .05% THD
2 channel, 2 ohm rated
360 Watts RMS total output at 4 ohm, 720 Watts total peak output
180 Watts RMS per-channel at 4 ohm, 360 Watts peak per-channel
Very compact, 5"x5"x1.8"
Will power four, 4 ohm speakers connected in parallel
Powered by patented "UcD" technology
Protects charging system w/StartorGuard technology
Works on most touring bikes
Designed and manufactured in USA
Lifetime Warranty
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