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My bars arrived today in great shape.

They were wrapped up so well with towels, bubble wrap and tape and then in a big box full of packing peanuts.

Thanks for the great deal and taking such care in packing the handle bars.

I got them mocked-up after work. If it wasn't for the silly TBW, I could be running them this evening (wires external).

Not as much pullback as I had hoped for, but I like the rise and love the meat hooks. I like how the bars are narrower than the Heritage Style bars that I put on. The wrist angle of the FMB bars fell better to me than the Heritage Style bars.

I was not sure if I would like the black bars, merely because I thought I wanted chrome. Once I wrapped my head around the idea of the black bars, I thought they might look nice. Well, I think they look great. Kind of debating putting on the chrome switch housings I just bought - we'll see.

Thanks again for the great deal and careful packaging!


Oh - obligatory pictures... :D

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