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Here is a picture of the throttle side that I had to sand down because the grip would not fit. FMB bars emailed me and stated the powder coat was most likely to thick. He told me to send them to a local powder coat shop and have the powder coat peeled off. I don't understand how this is my problem and why I should pay for that? The bars are TBW and the grips are too. Any other suggestions fellow riders?? I ordered AVON grips. They should be here today. I'll try these grips and if they don't fit I don't know what to do?!
Where did your switch assemblies sit on those bars? were they right up against the taper?

I had a similar issue with my grips wanting to stick when twisted, I rolled sandpaper up on a wood dowel and sanded the inside of the grip... but I did have to adjust my switch housings a little to ensure good contact with the TGS but not be overly tight
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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