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I need serious help! I recently purchased a 2011 Road Glide which had custom 16" bars. Not my style to say the least. I decided to swap them out with some 14" FMB Reaper bars. 1.25" width. I went with the magnum black get a grip fly by wire Harley grips. THe throttle grip does not connect with the throttle switch. Sorry for my limited knowledge on parts but the grip won't fit on the bar. The bars seem to be too think. I then decided to shave some of the bars so the grip fits. Now the grip fits but it will not connect to the throttle threads. Someone please help. I'm new to the site. I can add photos if someone shows me how! Thanks for the help guys!! I contacted Harley but they were no help. Of course they wanted me to bring my bike in for the $100/!!
Id be curious to see pics as well. I have those (and love) the Get-A-Grip grips and they fit perfectly on the Wild1 Chubbys.

What seems to be preventing it from fitting? is the end of the grip hitting the end of the narrowed part on the bar? And only the throttle side doesn't fit?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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