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I have a similar problem on my 2012 with Wild1 Chubby's. However, my problem is with the AVON grips and not with the HD Get a Grip. The AVON grip fits perfect on the clutch side, but the throttle side is so tight it won't release after I twist the throttle. The HD Get a Grip snaps right back after I release the throttle. Since I already have cruise control, the sticky throttle is NOT a desired situation. In fact, seems downright dangerous.

I had AVON ship me a replacement throttle side grip - better, but still drags back instead of snapping back like it's supposed to. I can't decide if I should go the sandpaper route or just stick with the HD Get a Grip set. Another concern is I have Heat Demons installed. Worried that even with a little sandpaper, they might get sticky when hot again due to thermal expansion of the bar relative to the grip body.

AVON's customer support is great. Just can't seem to resolve this particular issue.

Good luck on your fix. I may be breaking out the sandpaper here as well.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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