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This is what someone else posted, but I could find it when I looked.

MY19.19.03.00 has a lot of bug fixes (via Boom Box Info Portal):

Audio source switch upon CarPlay disconnect
Siri volume management
Added indication of CarPlay session availability to user

CB interruption of USB audio causing playback to skip or restart
FM plays briefly when switching from FM to CarPlay audio via Siri
Long press of Voice Recognition button after disconnect/reconnect of iPhone does not launch Siri
Intermittent Voice Recognition crash
Voice Recognition does not launch if pausing CarPlay music through Siri
H-D radio pop up menu displayed during active CarPlay route navigation
Shuffle and Repeat incorrectly displayed for iTunes radio, podcasts, audiobooks
Voice recognition stuck in processing screen when commands are continuously provided
Shuffle and repeat settings on the radio not persisting over an ignition cycle
GPS open and GPS shorted low DTCs incorrectly present in some cases
Wireless Headset setup menu option is not displayed in some instances and requires ignition cycle
Media tracks encoded by iTunes version 12 not showing up in the Media menu but work on older radios
Metric units displays are not persisting over ignition cycles
Siri does not launch on long press of Voice Recognition when DAB is the active audio source
Navigation system does not persist an active GPX imported route through an ignition cycle
No route appears on the map when user started the route from the Alternate Route screen
CarPlay does not automatically launch after quick key cycle with wireless headsets
POIs list is blank and updating after enabling a navigation route
Navigation crashes after performing a route calculation within the Alternate Route screen
Voice Recognition inputs not accepted intermittently through the wireless headset
Miles Per Gallon calculations are not accurate in Information Screen
Average Speed is not accurate in Information Screen
Geographical Coordinates are displayed instead of address in Recent Destination list
Empty POI list for EU region
CarPlay audio sound lost at ignition cycle in some instances
Route calculation failed popup is shown when changing Route Preference in Navigation Settings
Route calculation failed popup and routes failed are not grayed out in Alternate Route screen
Japanese Sub characters screen are not visible clearly in high contrast mode
Route stops when trying to add multiple way points
Retry button on software update screen not working
CB status bar icon does not persist across ignition cycles
No audio head and black screen observed when turning radio on while in Accessory mode
Route Calculation failed popup when changing search settings
Songs selected in the “Find” screen from a Bluetooth source are not played
Voice recognition cancels after repeating town name in South America region
Route button on destination screen is displayed even when there is no active route
Compass screen seen briefly at start up and moving to Navigation screen
Removing multiple way points causes the ride to cancel
Route calculation failed popup displayed but still able to select the route in destination screen
Unable to launch “Tune to ” after scrolling down once in the Voice Recognition menu
Ride does not recalculate after changing route preferences
No ride name is displayed after changing Avoidances settings
Unpaved road popup is displayed in some instances when navigation recalculates
Home button press does not take to Home screen in some cases
Active call screen shows an empty contact picture
Software Update screen does not include version information in Spanish language
Wireless headset icon not always populating in the status bar
Phone contacts are not loading until Navigation is ready
Map is not displayed when saying the Voice Recognition command “Show Map” if you are within a Navigation screen
Call audio is not heard via wireless headset
Voice Recognition session is cancelled when scrolling through Tuner commands
Voice Recognition session is cancelled when scrolling through Help commands
Route calculation failed popup is observed for a successful route calculation
Sirius XM presets are not displayed after some ignition cycles
Right Hand Control Module button press persists even after releasing when interrupted by a popup message
Previous destination recalculates after changing route preference
Voice Recognition cannot be initiated after language change
Route calculation percentage not started when launched from Favorites menu
Route stops while adding way points
Voice Recognition stopped functioning when command is not recognized and attempted multiple times
Ride list shows empty even if there are rides present in the Ride Planner app in phone
Call failed popup for iPhone on selecting call from message notification popup
Recent search items are sorted in alphabetical order
Speed Volume not updating correctly when selected while the radio is muted
Voice Prompts for Navigation commands are not in sync with the Navigation interface
Favorites flicker during an active phone call
Can’t call a POI when using Voice Recognition and the “Find Next” feature
Fade Up/Down is inverted on screen for 8 speaker Stage II audio system
AVC is not applied at setting on screen when the volume is increased from the rear switch
Time zone is not synching with local time
Random Arrival distance value displayed after stopping an imported GPX route
Alpha jump not displaying for Audiobooks and Podcasts
Pre-Calibration reset sets favorite to Tuner defaults
Can’t call a POI by selecting that POI icon on the map
Bluetooth device disconnects on quick ignition cycle
Navigation Auto-Zoom not functioning on Near setting
Recent destinations are not getting populated in Recent list
Bluetooth audio muted after cranking engine
Delay in wireless volume control change
Sirius XM Voice Recognition “Channel #” prompt not working correctly
Phone number icons are misaligned in Call Active screen
No Address is displayed for a POI that is selected via POI Icons on Map
USB media presets not persisting through ignition cycles and not able to be selected
Voice Recognition session cancels after saying “Enter Street”
Navigation Prompts are not heard while adding a waypoint
Navigation map zoom level not persisting across ignition cycles
Elevation units differ in different screens
Various bug fixes

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GTS updaste MY19.19.03.00 avalible

Still doesn't make sense why a newest generation Nano will play on 6.5 Radio and not the GTS

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I'm just guessing, but it might have something to do with the GTS being set up for CarPlay. Not 100% sure. I do know iPods don't work with CarPlay.

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Hoping it addresses older iPods
LOL....Bro you need to just get a new one or use your phone. It's the iPod not the radio. At some point ALL apple products stop being able to update and the operating system just doesn't like working with newer stuff.
There is no such thing as a newer iPod. They are all beyond old.
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