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h-donut Mods Thread

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placeholder page: I'm going to stopp hijacking the audio room so much and list my upgrades here.

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here are a couple of my old toys, both long gone

66 bronco with a shelby spec engine (POS)

and a 1989 Gibson Explorer Custom Shop Edition

my pre-glide

93 heritage

pics of me installing a 50 states legal exhaust to get out of trouble with the Cailfornia popo

a bunch of us yay-hoo's hanging out in death valley, 2005, right after I had my motor done and was running Samsons

notice the t-bag, still have it and it's still in really good shape,
saddleman seat which stayed on the bike for all of 2 month, scratching the piss out of my fender

left to right:

john: 74 shovel
brian: (bright red shirt) 05 night train
capt: 03 low rider
clint: honda, tagalong military guy
donut: 93 heritage (again)

then vegas bike week 2006, red rock was amazing

this is thunder bolt colt's 2006 road glide
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Great pics h-donut!!!

preliminary mock up of a yaffee style diy mount

stock used, leftover stainless satellite dish, big hammer, drill and grinder

wanted to place the 6 3/4" openings so that if I did decided to use larger
speakers later I would have less to cut, tried to visualize squeezing in the
neodymium magnet from the MM series

this is about as far as I got before the whole thing started cooking and popped, amp okay, hku had to be replaced.

what went wrong:
a. had speaker leads near "hooks"
b. had amp mains near gauge lighting
c. ground wiggled loose, just enough
d. user unfamiliar with implementing crossover points effectively

solutions: reroute wires, jacket, seal protect, rework ground mount

as of today, nothing is rehooked, except 4 sets of 4ohm speaker on the factory radio

replacing PBR300x4 with PBR300x2, and sony HU, should make for a louder clean setup

one of my first mods, bolt cover multi pak, the red dice thing, fell off or broke within 50 miles, lol
replaced air cleaner cover since then
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the only thing I've changed since these pics is re-routing the power and ground wires up and away from the head light area

still rocking 400w d-i-y style - will add another 2-4 speakers + another 400w once I have a chance to listen to various systems over the summer
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this is how my stereo turned out, real happy overall, I have a sidecar cycles splash guard on the way

for wiring, ended up going with a 14 gauge wire, then buying 16-22 fitting, tin plated copper,
work out pretty good, once stripped the wire barely fits,
you can then accurately crimp, place a dot of solder, heat shrink that puppy up,
make a real professional connector

these haven't been soldered or shrink wrapped yet.
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update: my marine head unit only last about 3 weeks in the elements before shutting down, FM died, AUX in died, inside usb worked up until the end

this is due to a couple factors, 1. running without a rain cover 2. more than likely getting the hand controls wet with the pressure washer mist

replaced with the red faceplate DSX-310 and sidecar cycles splash cover this morning, does pandora, has song and album skip ahead, no more suffering through a whole album or forwarding through every song, way better radio, pandora stream great also

and looks cooler, these are tough pics to take, but it is visually appealing

also noticed some areas where speakers are rubbing causing the fairing to distort slightly, just left it, didn't bother me enough to repair at this time.

application notes: DSX-310 - 14 band parametric EQ, kind of a pita

when on the bike I only make volume or song changes, anything else, I pull off to the side and deal with it there.

no test ride yet, should sound about the same
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Looks good Donut!
I can say two things,

a. yes, you can't see it in the sun

b. it's okay, because it's easy enough to toggle between radio, mp3, ipod or pandora

radio tuning on this is fast, that I like.

(( it took me a few week to set the EQ on the MS-60, this should be no different ))

happy as a clam at high tide, see: pig in shit
here are some video clips with sound

I still have some thrash tunes on there, but just my top ten
h-donut, I like how you made those amp brackets.. I need a set of those!! Hint..Hint. Are you still able to use your handlebar controls to control the headunit?
controls work, but AVC is hard tied to speed sensor and interferes, so set
EQ before hand, or where I'm headed, maybe disable AVC altogether

I'll look into stamping out some brackets, would run about $25 shipped
if feasable, both sides for $45

here is the EQ I came up with so far, about 2 weeks of messing with it.

optimized for DM on LOUDNESS on, PBR300x2 about half gain, LP turned up just a hair

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H-Donut... looking good man.....
I like how you made those amp brackets.. I need a set of those!! Hint..Hint.
might be a good diversion

H-Donut... looking good man.....
thank you

replacing the amp wiring here soon, the positive side seems to be getting a few degrees warmer.
Nice. Very nice!
Nice setup man!
might be a good diversion

thank you

replacing the amp wiring here soon, the positive side seems to be getting a few degrees warmer.
figured it out without disassembly, check this out

warning: sony head owners with built in 'phase' control, was fooling around with the phase control and speaker positioning software.

well, don't do that, at least the phase control, it was overworking the amp

to remedy, turned phasing back to normal, issue solved

also: got my website working again, 8/22/12 now I just need to get some decent items listed.
If you ever decide to make those amp mounts, I'll buy one. Yaffe won't even SELL you one unless you buy the amp from him SMH...
okay, well I got some aluminum stock and will doing some prototypes this weekend.

not rocket science or brain surgery, but if you are like me, you want it to fit and be as effort free as possible.

I'll post as soon as I have something to show.
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