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Well figured I would throw down some of the mods I have been working on for the past 6 months. 2013 FLTRX purchased in September of 2012 from Hamilton Harley in Sturgis Michigan . Should have just left the thing alone and just rode it. As it stands right now I havent had a whole lot of time to ride, because I have a 3 & 6 year old. They come first and the bike comes last.So I've only racked up about 2200 miles on it since bought new. As of right now this is what Ive got going on

Hertz HDP4 Amp
Hertz ST35 tweeters
Hertz SV 165.1 2 in front 2 in the lids
Bagger Concepts Loud Lids
Pionner AVH-5500 2-din
Molded a Fairing Factory 2 din bezel to the inner
Hogtunes grilles
Voodoo 3D 6/8 bags
Voodoo Motivation 2 rear fender
Interior Shop bag liners
14" Plasma lights for the rear
Alloy Art LED front turn signals
10" Yaffe Monkey Bars internally wired
HHI 9 degree Triple trees
HHI 9 degree neck pc
HHI 6 piston Caliper
Fat Katz FL106 steel fender
Performance Machine 26" Black Ops Shock
Native Baggers flush axle
Full Air: Bimba 124 front
Monroes Rear w/wooten race works bushings
Viair 380c compressor
Ridepro(Air ride technologies) Solenoid block
DOT fittings & 1/4 hose
Glow shift Dual pressure gauge
Glow shift oil pressure gauge
Bunch of powder coated parts
Homemade Side dump exhaust(ceramic coated)
CycleSmiths 21"XL boards-Arlen Ness rear floorboards
PM foot shifter/brake arm
Hope to have bags/lids/fender back from paint soon. Waiting on HHI rake kit. Its been an expensive winter with not much progress at the time. Have to have this done in 3 weeks. Time will tell

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Wow. ... I bet you and the UPS driver are on a first name basis, lol. If you would've just rode the bike, you probably wouldn't be as happy. It's good you're spending time with the family, but for those times you are able to ride, the looks of people looking at you on that bike and the other kids telling your kids how cool their fathers bike is will be priceless. :D

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