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Hand control problems with a sony hu

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Installed a Sony MEX-M70BT on my 15 RG I used the Metra install kit with the Axxess ASWC-1 interface for the hand controls and I can't get the hand controls to work . I did everything the manual said to do to program it and all the wires are correct , anybody run into this problem ?
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I have not had any experience with this, but I did inquire about this pkg from Peter Jensen and SoundzCustomz....


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I am toying with the thought of swapping out my 6,5GT HU in my 15RGS with the Metra/Sony package you offer.

How many kits have you sold and have you had any complaint/issues of draining batteries and/or thumb/hand controls not working? I have talked to a few guys online who made a purchase ( not thru you ) that have had 2-3 go-rounds with no-op controls and draining batteries.

Just want your honest feedback since I trust you.... Thanks


The issues are a simple software update that can be done with a computer and a micro usb cable.

I have the same exact setup in my 2014 SG with no issues at all since Sturgis. That bike may sit for days to a week at a time in the trailer between events without being started and cranks right over.

Throughout this year, we have not pushed this as an option, so only 15 that I can recall have been sold. I have been able to resolve any of the battery drain issues with a software update through Metra though, so should be no issues at all. And definitely no issues with the current inventory, only very old stock would be prone to issues!

If you order from us, while we are either at the next event, or back in the shop, I can verify that everything works perfectly on my bike first.
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