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Handle bar shake

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Picked up a 2010 Scarlet Red Road Glide Monday noticed handle bars shook between 40-50 MPH also noticed fork wobble ,drove it for 150 miles and still had the shake and wobble. Took it back to the dealer,they test rode it and confirmed the same problem . Put a new front tire on and that reduced shake and wobble by 99%. I told them while they had the bike to put some Heritage bars on , mech. said he would tighten up the steering head and that should resolve the shake and wobble problem.Had an 08 ultra, nice bike. But this Road Glide is totally friggin AWESOME !!!! :
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Now now Admin. Red is not just looks that way when I'm running rader! LOL
Yes the radar tone IS higher with red vehicles. lol.

Best car ad I ever saw.

97 corvette.
Hello officer red.
Insurance rates force sale. :D
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