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Well, thanks to Donk, I was able to get my WO502s installed this weekend. What a tedious job. Good grief. I ditched the green connector as suggested and everything eventually ended up working fine. I actually had more trouble getting the damn ignition switch back together than anything else. I think this was because I was trying to make sure things were working correctly as I progressed and I was switching it on and off.

Everything seemed normal until the last step. I had removed the headlight assembly to get the fairing back on. I plugged up the headlights, turned on the ignition, they both came on, so I snapped them in place.

Next I installed the 2 plastic pieces that hold the guages and started to install the ignition switch. In the process, I turned it on and...nothing. WTF, turn it off, back on...nothing. Must have somehow blown the fuse. Nope. It seemed like nothing I did would get the ignition to turn back on. After thinking about it for a while and drinking a few beers, I decided the issue had to be with the switch. Got out the service manual. Not really much help. I messed with it for an hour or so and gave up. Took a break and ate some dinner. Went back out last night and worked on it some more. After a helluva lot of screwing around, I managed to get the ignition to come back on and I could switch it on and off, but I could not get the switch to stay on. According to the manual, you are supposed to start somewhere around 60 degrees past the lock position, depress the little switch underneath and turn clockwise until it clicks. Yeah, right. All I can say is after trying different variations of this about 40 times and intermittently losing the ability to actually turn on and off the ignition, it finally did just that and all is good.

So anyway, BE is entirely possible to stick the switch in there and turn it. It will seem as if it is turning the ignition on and off, but it may not be.

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