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Handlebar swap

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Ok all. My Wild Ones WO 515's are in. Along with new Avon grips and deciding on which way to go on new black levers, my bar swap is looming in my VERY near future. I'm loaded up with Donk's great write ups on doing this, but I would've sworn one of our fellow members here had put up a YouTube video on this as well?? I've searched our forum and YouTube, but to no avail. For some reason Big Gary comes to mind but I'm just not sure. Any help in the right direction would be great! Thanks in advance
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Wasn't me man, sorry. Just follow Donk's tutorial and you'll be fine. If you decide to keep the green connector in the handle bar , tightly wrap it with electrical tape before fishing it back through the bars.
Mines going strong now almost 5 years. Good luck.
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