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Includes the $30 plus extended cable to locate your iPod in the trunk or saddlebags. Removed from my 2011 Road Glide before I traded it. In perfect working order.

Now the rumble of your Harley Davidson® and the rumble of your favorite music together at last. The HDPDPLUS II iPod interface connects to the Advanced Audio System by Harman/Kardon®, FACTORY INSTALLED ON ALL 2006-2013 TOURING BIKES, and it will work with your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic. *

The HDPDPLUS II not only charges and controls the compatible iPods, but it also automatically plays and pauses your iPod with the ignition and source switching as well. Now you will be able to have endless hours of music without ever having to worry about the battery going dead on your iPod when riding again.

The HDPDPLUS II is the perfect addition to 2006-2013 Harley Touring bikes. Its unique design allows it to be completely compatible with all factory options such as CB, Intercom, Satellite radio, and Navigation system with out having to buy any expensive cables. With the addition of the HDPDPLUS II the rider will be able to use the handle bar controls, and the radio soft buttons to control the iPod just like having it off of the bike. By having the freedom of using the factory hand controls it will allow you to change Tracks, Playlist, Artists, Albums, and Genres with minimal distraction from the road. **

The HDPDPLUS II will show up on your Advanced Audio System® as iPod® and can be chosen by either pressing the corresponding soft button, or by pressing the MODE SEL button on the handlebars. The HDPDPLUS II installs neatly underneath the fairing on top of the radio using the factory mounts. This smart, clean, and easy installation will have you rocking and roaring down the road.

$125 Shipped in CONUS


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