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Hey guys. I have a Harley "Commuter" jacket for sale. This is kinda weird because I like it and want to keep it, but it's TOO tall for me. It's labelled a large tall but I think it should be a large extra tall. I'm 6'2", 215lbs and it fits fine except for the sleeves and body being 2" too long for me.

If you're 6'3" to 6'6", this is a great opportunity to get something that actually fits and is comfortable. There's room underneath to layer a sweatshirt. The jacket is vented front and rear, constructed of cordura and suede and is water resistant (no gore-tex liner to make you melt in the sun!). The cuffs are zipped and there's some refelctive material front and rear, but it's subtle and not crazy at all. There are pockets for armor, but none included.

$100, shipped to your door via priority mail.


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