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The 2014-2016 Harley Radio Flash nightmare is OVER !

The New J&M ROKKER XX Extreme & Performance Extreme installation KITS along with all J&M ROKKER XX & Performance Series amplifier kits, as of this date, are going to be pre-set for the 2014-2016 BoomBox 6.5GT Premium & 4.3 Standard radio, with the STOCK Harley radio flash. (see below)

J&M engineers were able to re-design all J&M manufactured RCA-Harley radio plug-n-play input harnesses, so that optimum performance levels were achieved, without having to resort to special radio flashes by your Harley dealer.

This is significant, as this stock radio flash IS NOT altered by the Harley periodic updates performed at the consumer level, thru the USB port next to the front of the radio.

Once your radio is flashed in this manner, you no longer need to worry about the audio system levels changing with future Harley Updates.

When performing the stock Harley flash as outlined below, (if needed) this will activate the front rear fader control, along with the rear channel outputs of the Harley radio for the StreetGlide and RoadGlide custom. (Harley Ultra & Ultra Limited already have this complete stock Harley flash from the factory)

This stock Harley radio Flash will also insure proper operation of the bass/treble & AVC controls inside the radio.

• Select number of amps? SELECT 0.
• Then CHECK BOX for 0 amps, 4 speakers, Upper Fairing/Rear pods.

This special Harley radio flash combined with a properly adjusted J&M ROKKER or Performance Series amplifier, will provide superior sound, highway volume & clarity, compared to the Harley Boom I and new Boom II audio system configurations.

We will be providing further updates as they become available. JMJOHN – [email protected]
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