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The new Harley Radio FLASH configuration for the installation of the wireless headset interface module does NOT have any effect on the speaker/amplifier configuration settings that are used with the J&M ROKKER stock Harley radio FLASH OR the J&M Stage4 FLASH, whichever has been installed ,,,,

In summary, there are NO compatibility issues.

J&M’s BT-03 Bluetooth headset ALSO works well with the Harley wireless headset interface ,,, providing all functions of Cell Phone, Intercom, CB and music from the Harley Infotainment system.

NEW J&M Video to be released in about 14 days to show and explain all current 2014-18 Harley radio FLASHES using BOTH the Techno-Research and Diag-4-Bike digital technicians.

We hope to see all of you and one of the fall rallies across the USA. (see
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