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Harman Kardon HD Radio Repair

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I just want to give a bigg thumbs up to

Iron Cross Audio LLC

2007 FLTRI radio acting up , no back light , no display somtimes , unable to update.

Sent in on Monday , back and fully functional on Wedensday, fixed everything I reported broken and check everything else. They preformed all updates required , made all necessary modifications , reinforced things I did not even know needed reinforcing. They provided a complete report on all the things they did.

Flat rate of $250 for repair, optional upgrades also available.
6 month warranty and they added 3 months cause the repair was done in the winter.

If your HK HD radio is actting up I would defenetly recommend Iron Cross Audio.

Iron Cross Audio LLC
19 Nokomis Ave.
Oakland , NJ 07436
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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