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Have a room at T&C - NEED a roommate

Hey y'all,

I booked my room at the T&C a week or so ago (making use of one of the cancellations) and have a room with two double beds. As I'm also attending Sturgis the week before...I'm thinking a roommate would be a good way to defray some of the cost of my August expeditions. Having said that...I'm closing in on 40, not a big partier, I am a non-smoker and I'm not looking for any drama during vacation. I'm an engineer by trade, a physicist by education...but I'm still a nice guy. Hahahaha! My wife tells me I snore, though I haven't heard it (no she's not coming to SWIV - she'll be 8 months pregnant with our first). If there's anyone that's looking for a bed at a reduced cost that is also not a partier or smoker, PM me.

This is my first SW rally - though I've meet some of the new englanders at the meet and greet last year (we should do that again). Looking forward to meeting the gang and making new friends!

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