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A few weeks ago I installed a Hawg-Wired Double Shot kit in my 2012 RGC. Its the basic system with their CS300 (300 Watt) amp and their DX504-70 (5.25") component speakers. The kit also comes with the Hawg-wired installation kit. I additionally purchased the Hawg-Wired mesh speaker grills for my Road Glide.

Install was easy. I took the most time finding a good place for the amp ground. I attached the ground to one of the lower fairing bracket bolts inside the fairing of the Road Glide. This ground location seems to work well. The ground wire in the HW kit was only about 18" long so running the ground to the battery or frame wasn't an option. I looked and tried. Once I found the ground for the amp I liked it was a snap with the HW instructions and my service manual.

After finding the ground, the hardest part of the install was the RG fairing installation at the end. That is like wrestling three cats and a goat all at once.

The set up was easy following the HW instructions. My gain is set at approximatley the 10 o'clock position which is lower than what the typical range is, acoording the the instructions, but the system is loud and clear. I also turned the gain up until the red power light started to flicker (showing the first signs of clipping) at 75% volume on the HK head unit then I backed the gain down just a touch. This system is so loud and clear, I can't believe it.

My frequency is set at approximately the 1 o'clock position. I really couldn't hear much difference as I listened to the frequency adjustment so I just parked it in the middle of the recommended area.

A little hint: Take your bike off of a battery tender when you are setting up the amp. At first I didn't and when the battery tender would kick on, it would cause a wierd distortion in the amp (sounded like a bad AM radio station) that was broadcast through the speakers. Once I figured this out and took the bike off of the tender, no more distortion.

I had a few calls to HW while I was installing the system, just to make sure I understood the instructions. Their tech guys were great. If I couldn't get them on the first call, they called me right back.

I'm really happy with the HW Double Shot system. It's louder than I would ever want or need. It's also crystal clear.

If you want a nice two channel system for your street glide or road glide custom. I'd recommend this system.
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