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Just wanted to give a shot out to Hawgwired for EXCELLENT Customer Service! In 2012 when I bought my 2013 FLTRU new I immediately purchased one of HW's new RS 400 amps. I kept it on the bike until around December when I bought two more and an alpine head unit.

While installing the hu I used the RCA preouts rather than speaker level to the amp. The new amps sounded fine, but the older one had a low buzz sound that I couldn't get rid of.

Long story short, I sent it back for them to possibly repair, they could not reproduce the buzz in their shop but they sent me a brand new amp anyway! After nearly three years in my bike, they sent me a brand new $400 amp!

That's why Hawg Wired was in my 2009 RG, they're in my 2013 RGU and they will be in any future bikes!

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