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This is part number #76000202.

I am completely changing over to aftermarket audio gear. There is NOTHING wrong with this kit, speakers were never amplified either.

I have gone the extra mile on this, and purchased, BRAND NEW speaker grills, and speaker baskets, brand new grill screws, as well as the rubber washers, and I am including the 35 pin connector so you won't need anything else for the install itself, just a dealer flash if you want to have fader control, but these will work, the minute you connect them.

I don't have the original box or instructions, but the instructions can be found online, if you need them. This is a pretty simple install tho. This is as close as you can get to a brand new kit, without the brand new price.

$399.95 from HD retail..... Boom! Audio Saddlebag Speaker Kit-76000202 | Amplifiers & Speakers | Official Harley-Davidson Online Store

$332 from kutter.....Harley Davidson 76000202 Boom!™ Audio Saddlebag Speaker Kit

$250 shipped to your door

Speaker lids NOT included, just what you see in the pics.*
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