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Headlight change value

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For those of us running the Chinese knock off lights or for that matter those running name brand on the 04-13 bikes, I am looking for thoughts before I swap headlights again.

Getting a little older and the eyes don't do dark driving as well as they used to so I try to avoid night riding as much as possible but we all know it still happens.

Went from stock bulbs to a China light in 2015 using whatever the DayMaker knockoff was at the time. Sunpie maybe....

Do LED's get weaker with age? Yes I know I am trying to make excuses for my eyes, so that answer is probably no.

I have seen several post on the Veisutor light being installed on several of the newer roadies but haven't seen a post for the preRushmore bikes and looks like there is one out that fits those bike.

Has anyone installed preRushmore to replace a DayMaker style light? Thought if there was an improvement in nighttime riding over the Daymakers?
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I just went from the OEM headlights to a Hogworkz Halo Maker setup and it was a HUGE improvement for my 2011……. Before Mike U made me a great deal, I was getting ready to pull the trigger on this one….

Dual LED Headlight for Motorcycle Road Glide 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 (Black)

Figured WTF for $130….. I’d bet good money that all the Chinese shit regardless of brand is made in the same factory…..
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Here’s mine with the Halo Makers on low beam……. On high they’ll melt your eyeballs, lol……. I’d say they’re 4x’s brighter than the OEM halogens, and 3x’s brighter than the OEM housings with LED bulbs just because of how they’re designed…..

I rarely ride at night, but I think their increased visibility is better for day riding….
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@Roosterman623 I'm glad that You are pleased with them Kevin!
MIke U.
Love ‘em Mike. Even better once I got the T brace between the lights installed. I also fab’d up two additional mounts with metal braces and rubber grommets that help support the outsides of each light to the fairing…. They’re solid now and no more vibration…….
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Here are some knock-off halo LED’s for $159.

VEISUTOR Dual LED Headlight with Halo Ring for Road Glide 04-13, LED Head Light Headlamp Front Lamp Kit with High Low Beam DRL Halo Rings for Harley Road Glide 2004-2013 Accessories

The halo and low beam setup looks the same as my Hogworkz, however my high beam setup has 3 lenses at the bottom where these just have a single larger lens….. Not sure if there’s a pro or con to that….. The reviews show 4.4 out of 5….. One Bad review for condensation inside the lens over time, and for the bezel falling off…. Probably didn’t have it snapped in correctly as I’ve noticed mine can be a little finicky until you get a firm snap……
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