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heated grips

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Getting 16" Carlini Menace apes in gloss black. I would like to get heated grips for it since morning runs to work gets pretty cold. Also would be nice to have for longer trips if I end up somewhere colder than at home.

I thought about HD heated grips, but heard that they don't last long?? Then I saw the Avon heated grips and they indicate that their grips don't fit for 2015 RG :( I liked their different styles....

Now it leaves me to Heat Demons. Has anyone had problems with them on aftermarket handle bars for the 2015 RG? I don't like how they mount the controller on the handlebar, I am thinking about instead of drilling hole in the bars, I would run the wires for the controller into a hidden compartment or rig a push button onto one of the available slots on the handlebar cover.

Just wanted to hear some feedbacks before I order the parts. The apes should be here in few days and might start the project this weekend :D
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