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Heavy Breather with extras **SOLD**

okay, so i guess my price wasn't as good as i thought. reduced the price. now it is lower than just the cost of the kit itself and includes the cover, the billet cover, and the extra filter.

I'm selling the chrome heavy breather from my 2013 110 cvo. i know it will fit the 103 as well as i put one just like this on the wife's bike (2012 rgc), but ensuring fitment is your responsibility. It is chrome, however, i plasti dipped the elbow black. it will peel off easy, so i will leave it black in case you want it that way. With the compact filter installed, it will fit with fairing lowers, unless you have speakers in them. with the compact filter on, the billet cover will not fit, it fits the full size filter only.

i also have the servo cover, the full size k&n and the compact k&n filter, rain sock, and the screamin eagle billet filter cover. all told, if you were to buy it new, $654.80.

asking $325, and i'll include shipping in the lower 48.


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