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Help, Looking for the right amp

Fairing Speakers: (2) Infinity Kappa 63.9i RMS: 150 watts per pair
(2) Hertz 165XL: 150 watts per pair
Saddlebag Speakers: (4) Hertz 690 HCX RMS: 260 watts per pair
Head unit: Sony DSXS300BTX
Amp: JL audio XD 400/4 @ 2 Ω 100 W RMS x 4

Will this amp work for my system if I have them wired in series or should I be looking for a bigger amp?

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There are some serious audio guys on here, but just the quick look I'm doing says no on wiring in series with your current setup.

The ohm rating of your speakers is different:

The infinities are 2 ohm, the rest are 4.

There is a recent thread on series and parallel wiring with the formulas in it.

You've got the potential to have a really nice sounding setup there. Don't mess it up by wiring it wrong or inefficiently.

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