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Hello from Left Coast

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Hello guys, Living here in California's Central Coast. Currently riding a 2009 Softail Custom. My next bike will be Road Glide. Wanted to sign in here to learn more about it, pros and cons.
Got back into riding in 09 after a long absence, finally came to my senses. Back in day had some Triumphs. Had a AMF Sporty for a short time. Love my Softail and plan to keep it and add a Road Glide to keep it company.
USAF Veteran. Belong to the Patriot Guard Riders. Ride when ever possible. Like to make new friends here and learn some new ideas and what ever comes along.
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First thank you for your service I think you will find plenty of knowledge on this forum and you can't go wrong with a RG. so welcome from Oklahoma
Welcome to the forum from S. Cal. Central Coast has some nice riding. Enjoy
Welcome from Maryland. Good luck with your search.
Welcome from Tennessee.
Thank you for your service and welcome from Fort Mill, SC. Membership in this forum is very costly. You have been warned.
Welcome from Florida.
Welcome, from New York, to The Greatest Forum on The Internet!
Mike U.
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome and thank you for your service.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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