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Hey everyone. New member here and I have a question about helmet brand/models that you all might recommend. I've gone through a lot of these forum posts and haven't really found anyhthing that addresses my particular questions, so I thought I'd post here.

So basically I have had long-standing issues finding half helmets that don't don't look goofy as all getout on my head. I'm a tall, slim person, so my neck is longer than some. DOT helmets always sit WAY too high on my head and make me look like a mushroom. I'd like a half helmet for summer riding through the mountains since the speeds are lower, and wanted to hear from you all if you have recommendations for lower-profile half helmets.

I've included a picture of my HD full face that converts down to basically a half helmet. Almost all of the half helmets I've tried sit about the same way on my head.

Any help or input you all have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

**I don't know why the picture keeps uploading upside down, even after editing it on my computer**


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