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I posted one of these on another thread but thought I'd catch an eye or 2 if I statred a new thread.

Since it's trip planning season, I thought I'd share 2 links that have helped me find and experience some of the best roads in the U.S.A. Everything available on these links is free, so take advantage!

Explore this one to find all sorts of maps and info.

This one lists each state's dept's of tourism. As well as all U.S. Territories. I use a Zumo 550 but you never know when technology will fail. I always carry paper maps as backup and I also use them when plotting my routes on Mapsource before I load routes into the Zumo.

Don't let the date on the site concern you, the links to most states will be current. If you get a "Site Not Found" message when you try, do a backdoor via Google by entering state's name dept of tourism. California and Nevada require this method.
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