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Hertz wiring question

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I just purchased 2 sets of Hertz 165.1's and a pair of ST 25 horns for my 10 RGC. I'm going to take out my air and volt gauge to mount the horns. One set of speakers in the stock location and the other set is going in the inner fairing. I have a pair of HAT 5x7's in my saddlebag lids. I want to run them all off a Arc Audio 125.4 amp which will go in my bag. My question is how do I wire the speakers to the amp. I've never had a set of horns and I noticed they came with a capacitor. I'm assuming the lid speakers will going to one channel and then all the 6.5's and horns go to the other. Never wired anything like this before. Could someone post a drawing to help me out? I appreciate any advice anyone can give. Thank you!!
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I don't have a drawing, but my first suggestion is that you buy another 125.4 amp. With your current setup, all of your speakers are going to be well underpowered. Wired in parallel, you're going to be putting 62.5w into each speaker.

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