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Hi from the far north.. Looking for..

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I currently have an Ultra Classic (12) and seriously considering buying a RG. I don't have a dealer anywhere near by to test ride the RG so I am looking for handling/ride comparisons between the ultra (batwing) and the new RG. I always wanted a RG and the 15's look pretty good. Is there any difference in handling and ride between batwing and frame fixed fairing?

My intention is buy a base model and add detachable top box, upgrade seat for two up wife) and upgrade rear shocks. Add lower fairings later.. I have a FM header, PV with autotune, and various pipes.

I currently have ABS and security, but not sure if I need them. If I think I need them then I should go for the special and get the better rear shocks..

Any comments are welcome. Thanks in advance..
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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