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Hidden Antennas

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Hello All - Just upgraded from a '99 FatBoy to a '09 RG. Bought it in FL and rode it 3,200 miles home to CA in 5 days. Arrived home last night :D

I'm sure this question is answered here already but here I go....

Looking for advice on replacing the stock antenna with a hidden one. Looking for:

1. Best brand? (what works and what doesn't)
2. Where to buy? (best price)
3. Installation advice. (a "how to" guide)

Thanks for your help, looking forward to making this bike ROCK!
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I took the stock antenna bracket off the bike....took the coax and routed it down to the left side passenger tied the coax to the bottom of the floorboard bracket with the antenna facing aft....then I took the stock antenna and figured out where to cut it so that it sticks out about an inch past the saddlebag....then I zip tied the antenna to the saddlebag support. You can't see the antenna, the FM reception has not been effected that I can tell in and around town.....the AM reception went away. So depending on what you listen to.....its an option and its free
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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