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After hours, alright many many minutes on line this is what I have come up with to purchase to upgrade my 2005 road glide’s audio. I believe they changed a bunch in the 06 model year. Anyway, here it is:
Sony DSX-MS 60 Marine Grade off Amazon @ 129.00
Hawg Wired RX 508-50 RX Series 8 Ohm coaxial speakers @ 129.00 off Hawg Wired
Hawg Wired HSA 470 Harley to Sony Full adapter kit with bezel, mount and harness @ 219.00 off Hawg Wired.
My only concern is the Sony Speaker Impedance is 4-8 Ohms and the Hawg Wired speakers state 8 Ohms. I happen to be one of those fellows that slept through the Ohms and Poems classes while preparing for my state funded GED so it is all Greek to me. I couldn’t find anything saying don’t do it.
So I ask you, where I am going wrong if at all keeping in mind that my goal is to get my IPod in the dash and upgrade the sound a bit while maintaining as much simple hand control as possible. For those of you wondering where the amp is it is in the divorce settlement. So, if you think the amp is a must have I will send you the address where I am accepting donations.
Thanks again for all your help.
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