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How much difference with water-cooled heads?

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They surprised me putting the water-cooled heads on the 16RGU, and it's got me considering trading. I've seen comments that they're great and comments that they don't really make much difference.

From you guys that have ridden the new water cooled, how much difference does it really make??

Thanks in advance!

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Once we drop below triple digits I'll have a better handle on how my wet-head ride compares to my '11 FLTRU. It may not be a fair comparison, as I lack the non-twin-cooled 110 data point.

What I have noticed is that you have to more carefully position highway pegs to keep your leg (ankles) out of the fan exhaust on the lowers.

But riding in 110º weather doesn't allow one to readily discern a single source of the discomfort.
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