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How much difference with water-cooled heads?

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They surprised me putting the water-cooled heads on the 16RGU, and it's got me considering trading. I've seen comments that they're great and comments that they don't really make much difference.

From you guys that have ridden the new water cooled, how much difference does it really make??

Thanks in advance!

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This being my first Harley (2015 RGU CVO) I don't have the knowledge of what it used to feel like. But I can tell you to me it isn't the head temperature that gets to me. It is the heat from the catalytic convertor that is the problem. Even my wife has mentioned it while we are our riding. She has had to move her right foot off the boards and put it up in my lap to get her foot to cool off from the heat being generated by the catalytic convertor. I also feel the heat in my right boot while out riding along at cruising speed. Thank goodness I have the highway pegs to move my feet forward and get them away from that heat on the right side.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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