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I used to have a "train horn" on my lifted F250. I don't know...something about a big truck and people just pull right out in front of you. Kinda like being on a bike. Weird but true.
A few weeks ago someone pulled out in front of me on the Road Glide and I hit the horn. Pathetic. So I started researching alternatives.

I've read up on mini beasts....even found one on the board here for sale....but the seller flaked and hasn't been back online since I pm'd and emailed him a month ago. Then I looked at Rivco's and Howards Horns.

While bopping around ebay one day I found a used set of Howards. I ended up getting them for about $40. So now that's what I'm working with. I'm gonna powdercoat them gloss black and I'm considering upgrading the compressor to make them louder, but we'll see.

Anyways.....I was on their website and for anyone who's interested.....they are on sale right now for HALF price. Usually like $179, right now they are $85 for a set.

Thats a DEAL and I would hurry and snap up a set if you've considered upgrading.

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