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I had a rattle and a small exhaust leak......

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I thought it was a small exhaust leak. Here's what I found when I started investigating.

Not only had the Head pipe cracked on the outlet side of the cross over, it had completely broken off.

Looks like I'm doing some welding in the next day or two.
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No, it is in the stamped sheet metal that is used to make up the X-Pipe cross over. Looks like it's about 1 1/2" - 2" back from the weld.

These pipes sit low and I sometimes I hit the mufflers on curbs when parking or exiting parking lots. Well, maybe more than sometimes, more like a lot of the time. I think it puts too much pressure on them and it eventually cracked. Then the natural vibration of the bike allowed the crack to run all the way around the pipe. Should be an easy fix, just annoying. I do have to pull the head pipes to do the welding.
It's all good now. Welded up the pipe and fixed a few other minor cracks that were found.

All reassembled and the bikes back on the road now.
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Vance & Hines Power Duals head pipes. I have the V&H Hi Output slip ons as well and they sit pretty low. I hit them on a lot of curbs and gutters coming in and out of parking lots. Probably put too much pressure on them. I'm thinking of going with the Fuel Moto Jackpot head pipes when these finally die.
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